Palm Leaf Plates, a new innovation in dining accessories has hit the market by storm. Palm Leaf Plates is the latest replacement in the range of plates used for serving food in restaurants and homes. These plates have been introduced as an option to the conventional ones in many restaurants across the country. Serving on the palm ensures that the food is not contaminated by splashes of oil and sauce from other dishes.

These plates are resistant to temperature fluctuations while serving hot food, square 10″ and made of durable, dried leaves of the Euterpe palm tree that are easily cleaned and heat-treated to form the preferred shape, All items are fully microwave & freezer protected, visit our website for all the latest product offers. Best Eco-friendly option to serve your food on, these products are eco-friendly too. Using recycled paper bags as packaging, these eco-friendly palm leaves plates are an environmentally friendly and green alternative to plastic and paper plates. Made of natural rubber, these are available in different colors. These can be used at home or offices, anywhere in the world.

These eco-friendly items are very easy to use, you can wipe them clean without any hassle. Made of rubber, Euterpe palms are a renewable resource. This means, when there is less need for it, then its use would reduce and eventually disappear. With palm leaves, we are taking a step to save our mother earth.

Serving on these eco-friendly leaf plates not only serves the practical purpose of serving but also serves an added function. It not only makes the food look good but also keeps the environment clean and green. Palm leaf plates not only come in a single color, they come with various shades and colors to suit different occasions.

As per FDA, the best way to avoid the consumption of carcinogens is to use reusable and disposable natural palm leaf plates. These are 100% biodegradable and non toxic materials. To meet safety standards, these products have been tested. The durability of these products, their puncture resistance, scratch resistance, heat resistant property, ability to withstand acid, alkaline, petroleum jelly, fat, grease and water to make them one of the best options.

For more information about these products, visit our website. There is a full set of useful information including product specifications, usage, care instructions, and tips for cleaning and maintaining these products. You can also order your favorite dishware with these stylish and trendy areca palm tree plates. You can try these durable dishes at home and entertain your family and friends in style. So hurry up and get these affordable plates today.

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